8. Onetime  

Listen to the things you’re sayin’ out loud.  
You’re talkin’ real big, you’re actin’ real proud.  
You told me that you want me  
And those words are still haunting me.  

There’s no substitute I know I prefer  
When we hold each other close and don’t say a word.  
Don’t treat me like a stranger  
I present no danger to you.  

I know, you know, you’re treatin’ me unkind.  
But I wish that you could hear yourself onetime.  
You’re just out on your own,  
And I’m tryin’ to bring you home.  

I’m not gonna beg, you won’t hear me plead.  
The cuttin’ things you’re sayin’ won’t make me bleed.  
Instead of your resistance,  
We should go the distance.